Pennsylvania Bluestone Wholesale Suppliers. We are a family owned and operated PA Bluestone Quarry and Fabrication Shop located in Northeast Pennsylvania. We supply high quality PA Bluestone at a wholesale price direct from the quarry to your site.

We can provide you with all your landscaping needs with quality assurance. Natural cleft Flagstone, Irregular Flagstone, Thermal Flagstone and Treads for Patio's. Colonial Wallstone, Fieldstone, boulders, steppers, creekstone, & Tumbled Bluestone Pavers to name a few. Browse our gallery and products information pages for ideas on your next project. We are glad to assist you with any questions you may have.

The name Pennsylvania Bluestone is due to its predominantly blue color and because the majority of the stone is quarried in PA. It can, however, appear in other hues besides blue. Full color consists of blue/gray, brown, green, rust and lilac.
Bluestone was formed millions of years ago during the Devonian Period as large inland seas deposited sand in the Catskill delta region. It is composed of feldspar, sand, and mica (amont other minerals) and is clear of most organic residues.

The term “bluestone” is derived from a deep blue colored sandstone
first found in Ulster County.  As the product became more popular as an architectural & building stone and demand grew, quarrying for it spread throughout south central NY and northeast PA.

Bluestone is a high quality product due to its silica content, compact nature and fine grains. Therefore, it is an excellent stone for both exterior and interior applications. Most commonly used for patio's, walkways and step treads. There are many other uses to incorporate PA Bluestone in your landscape project.
Due to the beauty, durability and natural stone qualities, you can enjoy a lifetime of use when you make Pennsylvania Bluestone your choice for your next landscaping project.

Bluestone is very popular for patios.  There are several choices for your flagstone patio.  Natural cleft patio stone is cut off the block in squares & rectangles, then split by hand to produce a natural surface.  Colors range from blue, full color & lilac.  Full Color consists of blue/gray, greens & browns. Thickness will vary with natural cleft.  There is also standup flagstone which are large pieces of irregular sizes also used to create a lovely patio.  We offer patterns that will help you plan your patio design.

The following pages on our website will explain and show pictures of the different types of PA Bluestone and various other stone we have.

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